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L2nostrun.com | L2 Gaming Community
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Get Ready For The New Era

You are Welcome

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L2Nostrun x10 - 05.2017

H5, Guaranteed quality

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premium l2j server

4000+ online

Nostrun Server is coming

Beta server Start from 10.05.2017. We invite your clans to test our server. And discover the experience of a long-lived server. Official opening 15 May 2017 at 22:00 h gmt + 5

L2Nostrun x10 - 11.05.2017 Live

A server that promises to care for the community. Do not be a server like others, we guarantee NO Corruption and NO Bots!

Open Beta Test - 10 May 2017
Grand Opening - 15 May 2017


Be part of our community!

We are happy to announce that l2nostrun x10 Grand Opening was a Huge success! If you are not playing yet, hurry to join our friendly company!


10% Donations in events!

Nostrun give 10% donations in real money for players, every months! Staff online 24/7. 365 days event on!


Event: Facebook Like

Click like on our facebook and share l2nostrun, leave your player name and you will receive an exclusive item.!