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High Five x20 Lineage 2
High Five X20
Beta 23/04/2018 . LIVE 1/05/2018 LIVE

Welcome to L2Neftis a server for serious players, restriction of Epics, balanced classes. Come and enjoy.

We have a server with 32 GB of Ram with a protection system DDos level 7, with hard disk SSD 12 Cores. Enjoy the automatic events that leave every 45 minutes and obtain Festival Adena to acquire new items. Welcome to L2 Neftis.

Download System and Systexture to enter a Server. Come and enjoy.


Use our twitch and get special prizes contact the administrator.

more than 10k players from 179 countries visit Website

The statistics tell us that more than 10.000 players have visited our web from all word.

Just Enjoy
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EXP / SP x20 / x20
  • Command-Channel max 3 clans
  • Free class Transfer
  • GM shop up to S Grade
  • Alt+B Buffer
  • Sieges Every Weekends
  • Antibot Ban Mac
  • .report command
  • .donate
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  • .npcSpawn Clan Hall
  • .clan whareclan
  • Auto Events 45 min
  • TW all Weekend
  • Olympiad max enchant +6
  • .away .back command
  • .spawnbuffer command
  • Epic Restriction pvp-area mac 1
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DROP / SPOIL x10 / x10
  • Territory War 3 Flags max/clan
  • Automatic Donation reward
  • Quest rate x1/x3
  • Safe Enchant +4
  • Max Enchant +16
  • RB Drops x1
  • Element Stones 45%
  • Element Crystal 35%
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Donate Store
Terms of Agreement

Submission of a donation* to www.L2Neftis.com using the paypal.com or any method listed on the next page is a voluntary** action completely unnecessary for game play on this server.

L2Neftis.com is a free-to-play server.

By submitting any type of monetary unit to www.L2Neftis.com, you agree that you are not entitled to receive anything from L2Neftis.com.

This form of donation is completely voluntary, and is for the better of the server.

Rewards are given to those who have donated as a thanks to you for your continued support of the server.

By submitting a donation via paypal or any method to L2Neftis.com you agree to the terms presented in the following statements (1-9):

  • 1. Donation will not be refunded.
  • 2. You will not dispute the charges incurred to your paypal account from your voluntary donation.
  • 3. You realize that this is a voluntary donation, and in being a donation it is not refundable.
  • 4. You understand the concept of a "donation" and "voluntary", and agree to all the aforementioned rules (subsections A and B).
  • 5. If you do not agree to these terms, or cannot honor this contract, do not send any donation.
  • 6. If the reward received in response to a donation or donations was stolen/lost/misplaced/dropped-in-game, we will not be held responsible for its recovery.
  • 7. Any attempt to fraud donation system will lead to permanent removal of your account(s) and HWID permanent ban.
  • 8. Being a donator does not give you any special privileges. We treat all our player the same.
  • 9. By sending a donation you agree to this terms and agreement.
  • Press button to Donate
Epics Boss
Info about Epics Players
Queen Ant have mac restricction 1 pc
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Baium Epic Boss
  • Fisrt respawn Tuesday 3/04/2018 23:59
  • Epic Restriction pvp-area mac 1
  • Second player teleport to city
  • 1 h Random +-
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Antharas Epic Boss
  • Fisrt respawn Wenesday 4/04/2018 23:59
  • Epic Restriction pvp-area mac 1
  • Second player teleport to city
  • 1 h Random +-
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Valakas Epic Boss
  • Fisrt respawn Thursday 5/04/2018 23:59
  • Epic Restriction pvp-area mac 1
  • Second player teleport to city
  • 1 h Random +-